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On The Fence – 5 Reasons to Love Mesh Banners!

Here are five awesome Reasons why Fence Mesh Banners are boss!

  1. Advertising to prospective buyers and tenants. Mesh banners are a top way to let prospective tenants know about the awesome new building that is under construction. There are always interested parties on the lookout for a place to live or invest in. If someone is in the area and notices a new construction project and a mesh sign on the outside, they may be curious to learn more about the property, and that may motivate them to make contact!
  2. Promoting a new store or sale. If the new property is going to be a retail space, it will be beneficial to everyone, to let the surrounding community know about the stores that will be opening soon. Publicising the arrival of a new retail space helps those stores to be successful off the mark, as soon as the doors open. They also work a treat for short term promo’s like a car dealership sale.
  3. Privacy. If you are running an event, like a concert or tournament and need to keep prying eyes out, Mesh is the ultimate ally! You can order ours in different densities depending on how secret you want to become.
  4. Cost effective advertising. A construction site fence is an excellent platform for advertising because it is a super affordable way to reach many people. If you need to put up a protective barrier anyway, you might as well get some free publicity along the way! Create your mesh banners that get noticed, even from far distances.
  5. Safety. Last but certainly not least, having a mesh banner over a chain link fence barrier, contributes to the safety of the work site. For one, it stops debris that could otherwise pass through the fence. This protects both pedestrians and motorists. It is also proven to help reduce accidents amongst the construction workers as it reduces their level of distraction from the passing traffic.

One Spot print cater for all your Fence Mesh Banner needs. Large or small, we got it all. We can even supply in 25m and 50m rolls, so you save big!

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