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How Dave Got His Groove Back…

This is The New Dave.
He wears the power suit and closes deals.
The New Dave matches a firm handshake with a firm card.
He’s the Director of Awesome because he’s a winner.
It wasn’t always like this though…
Before he was The New Dave, he was The Old Dave.
Luckless and invisible, he knew his true potential was being masked with his flimsy and over-priced business cards.
It was holding him back.
Something had to give…
Armed with his new cards from One Spot Print, The Old Dave’s fortunes instantly changed.
He won the quote, got the job and took home the trophy. Like a boss!
Upgrade your life too, with some champion Premium Business Cards from One Spot Print.
And be like The New Dave!
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3 thoughts on “How Dave Got His Groove Back…

  1. basta dermaroller says:

    It’s an amazing site, easy to use. We just ordered received our teardrop flags and they’re tops!!

    1. One Spot Print says:

      Thanks for the feedback Basta!

  2. iipehoj says:

    haha, nice way to sell business cards!

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