5 Celebs Who (Probably) Love One Spot Print

Eric and the Fresh Prints

Anyone who’s anyone is jumping aboard the One Spot Print hype train. Customers often wonder whether they’re in West Gosford or West Hollywood when they drop into our concept store, so…

Here are five celebs who (almost certainly) adore our range of print and promo.


1. Eric Banner

This tough guy has portrayed bad boys such as Chopper Read and The Incredible Hulk, but he’s not as rugged as the banner flags he’s named after. He’s a far better actor, though.

2. Marquee Mark

Even rebellious rap rascals need a break from the hot sun, and what better way than with a brightly-coloured, custom printed promotional marquee. That’ll give anyone Good Vibrations!

3. Busy-ness Cards Philips

When she’s not starring in hit coming-of-age dramedies like Freaks & Geeks and Dawson’s Creek, this blonde bombshell can be found gazing longingly at our extensive range of quality business cards. Lou Rough Diamond Phillips – no relation – has a similar fixation.

4. Air Freshe-Nirvana

Smells Like Teen Spirit? No, smells like pineapple, jasmin, mango, or more than a dozen other scents!

5. Barbra Strei-sandwich Board

Like our amazing A-frame sandwich boards, Babs looks good from the front or back, draws attention everywhere she does, and doesn’t seem to age a day no matter how long you leave her out in the sun!