The Fresh Prints Aussie Tour

The Little Monkey Big World Tour!

The Fresh Prints has hit the road and is planning to visit as many Big Things as possible – inspired by One Spot’s big range of products! From Ballina to Bowen, the cheeky chimp wants to share the joy and magic of One Spot’s range of printed goodies to Aussies far and wide.

First stop was the Big Ugg Boots at Maitland, which walked into town back in April 2015. Weighing in at 600kg each and made from fibreglass and steel, they’re a step up from your usual shoes. Less than 24 hours after their grand unveiling, a cyclone raged through the Hunter Valley – but the stupendous slippers weathered the storm. You don’t need to have a foot fetish to visit these colossal clogs, so you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss them!

Our funny little monkey thought the boots were a bit smelly, though, so he thoughtfully dangled a few of One Spot’s custom-printed air fresheners from them. Locals gave him a round of applause as the air was filled with the sweet scent of melon, lavender and mango, which are just three of the 20+ aromas available.

This friendly fellow might be on the road, but we’re still printing! Signs, stubby coolers, banners, flags, flyers – whatever promo material you need, we’ve got it!