The Fresh Prints Aussie Tour

Bird is the Word

The Little Monkey Big World Tour rolls on, with our office chimp travelling around the country to spread the gospel about Australia’s best printing company!

Today’s adventure took The Fresh Prints to glorious Kurri Kurri, home of the Big Kookaburra – and that’s no laughing matter! The king-sized kingfisher landed in 2009, stands a regal 4.5-metres tall, and was built to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the nearby Hydro Aluminium smelter.

The Fresh Prints thought it was flappin’ incredible, and took a sticky beak around town afterwards to make the most of the warm feather. He was, however, concerned that the Kookaburra might get wet if it rained, and so he did his best to set up one of our custom-printed marquees above the giant bird. Silly monkey! As big, bright and long-lasting as One Spot’s marquees are, they can’t quite cover a bird that huge!

Our monkey might be on holidays, but we’re still printing! Signs, stubby coolers, banners, flags, flyers, business cards – whatever promo material you need, we’ve got it! Which Big Thing will The Fresh Prints visit tomorrow… and will you be there to see him?