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Little Mozzie Battler

Never one to bug out, this arvo The Fresh Prints visited his mate Ossie the Mossie, who lives outside Hexham Bowling Club. The incredible insect has watched over the Hunter River since 1994, and our cheeky chimp reckons he certainly doesn’t ‘suck’!

Printsy even popped into the bowlo for a generous serving of Malaysian prawn curry and a glass of banana juice – delicious!

The Fresh Prints was concerned that Ossie, being a mosquito, has a bad reputation. So the monkey printed him off a set of One Spot’s glorious rough diamond business cards, which have a high quality finish and are available in gloss or matte. Ossie was able to provide his own artwork (which was quite impressive, as most mosquitos don’t have access to a computer, or fingers to use the keyboard) and was really buzzing about the results!

The Little Monkey Big World Tour rolls on! Which Big Thing will our simian superstar visit next in his quest to tell Australia about One Spot’s awesome range of banners, flyers, signs and stubby coolers, and will YOU be there to say g’day?