The Fresh Prints Aussie Tour

Teardrops for Bungle Bungles

bungle bungles stubby holders

When we received a bumper order for our $99 teardrop double-sided flags, our office monkey offered to deliver them himself. It was to be quite a journey for The Fresh Prints, as the customer came all the way from the Bungle Bungles in north-eastern WA.

By sheer coincidence, his best friend Mr Stubby Cooler also had a delivery out that way, so the pair packed their quality printed goodies and headed into the vast Australian outback. The One Spot helicopter dropped them on the fringes of the ancient Purnululu National Park, in the Kimberleys, and off they went!

Battling extreme heat and wild animals, the dynamic duo were able to take shelter beneath the hard-wearing banners, which are built to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions. A group of echidnas took them in for dinner and The Fresh Prints – ever the salesman – was able to tempt them into an order of die-cut air fresheners to hang from their spines.

On the final evening of their journey, as they lay beneath an endless canopy of stars, Mr Stubby Cooler turned to his friend. “You know,” he whispered, “the infinite galaxy reminds me of the shimmering brilliance of a One Spot business card with a rough diamond finish.”

The Fresh Prints smiled, admired a comet as it burnt through the pitch-black sky, then let his mate know that the cool desert air reminded him of Mr Stubby Cooler’s quality triple-stitched stubby coolers. All was well in the world, and the next morning the boys completed their deliveries.