The Fresh Prints Aussie Tour

Flying High

One Spot’s famous for our flyers… now we’re known for our flying monkeys! After a big night on the banana smoothies, our monkey The Fresh Prints and his best mate Mr Stubby Cooler decided it would be a good idea to go skydiving over the beautiful Gold Coast. We’re not sure they thought it was such a great plan when they had to jump out of the plane at 4000m

As they were plunging from the heavens, the boys spotted plenty of businesses who could do with a new set of teardrop banner flags or A-frame sandwich boards. Eagle-eyed Stubbsy even spotted a few Gold Coasters who looked like they could do with a set of custom-printed stubby coolers.

We’re happy to report that they both made it back safely, and immediately went about their job of spreading the gospel about One Spot’s impressive range of print and promo material, but from now on they’ll be more than happy to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground!