The Fresh Prints Aussie Tour


The Fresh Prints had a ‘bunch’ of fun at the Big Banana today, and told us he found the whole thing very a-peel-ing! He also had a chance to say ‘yellow’ to his good mate, Don Stubbs, who was taking a hard-earned break from working at They discussed their shared love of oversized fruit and quality printed products. The man and monkey brought along their custom-printed stubby coolers, which kept their glasses of banana juice cold in the warm Aussie sun!

The dynamic duo guzzled down plenty of chocolate-coated frozen bananas, and were last seen heading north towards the Big Pineapple with hungry looks on their faces 😛😛😛

The Big Banana was opened in 1964, making it one of the oldest Big Things around, but hundreds of thousands of thousands of little monkeys every year think it’s still ripe! It’s 13-metres long – or 14.4 of our incredible bar runners laid end-to-end!

The Little Monkey Big World Tour rolls on! Which Big Thing will our simian superstar visit next, and will YOU be there to say g’day?