The Fresh Prints Aussie Tour

A Balloon with a View

Hot air balloon joy flight

Here at One Spot Print we’re always looking for ways to deliver quality printed products even faster, so we sent our office monkey The Fresh Prints out to investigate. His first stop was New South Wales’ glorious Hunter Valley, where he grabbed some cheese and wine and hopped in a hot air balloon.

He reported that, whilst the views over the verdant valleys and sun-kissed mountains were spectacular, it’s not the most efficient way to transport One Spot’s wide range of business cards, flyers and signs. But, just to be sure, he took another three hot air balloon rides – that cheeky monkey!

The Fresh Prints’ search goes on, but until he finds a better way to make deliveries, we’ll be sending your quality, custom-printed items the good old-fashioned way… and they’ll reach you a lot quicker than by hot air balloon!

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