The Fresh Prints Aussie Tour

Aw, Shucks!

The latest stop on the Little Monkey Big World Tour has to be sea-n to be believed! The Fresh Prints visited Taree’s Big Oyster, and he reckons it’s a pearler! The colossal clam was first cracked open in 1990, and originally showcased the local oyster growing industry, complete with a service station, Australian art gallery and souvenir shop. Sadly they’re all closed now, because we would’ve loved to knock up some stickers or air fresheners with the Oyster on them!

These days the Oyster is home to a local car dealership, where the prices are, ironically, not big at all! The Fresh Prints had a good chat to one of the friendly salesmen, informing him that a lovely set of custom-printed A-frame signs, and a few well-placed banner flags, could really improve the dealership’s visibility and bring in more customers!

The cheeky chimp is certainly not shellfish, so he shared this happy snap of himself looking especially oyster-ous in front of the mega mollusc.

The Little Monkey Big World Tour rolls on! Which Big Thing will our simian superstar – and his collection of business cards, stubby coolers and other quality promo material – visit next, and will YOU be there to say g’day?