The Fresh Prints Aussie Tour

Who Let The Dogs Out?

You’d have to be barking mad to miss out on this Big Thing! Our chimply irresistible little monkey spent today with his good mate the Golden Dog in Glenreagh, NSW . The massive mutt stands watch outside the local pub, which is even named after him and serves a wonderful selection of beers and traditional Aussie tucker.
Legend has it that, back in the day, a local fella found a massive gold nugget nearby and raced into the pub to show it off. His mates, presumably after telling him it was his shout, decided the nugget kinda, sorta looked like a dog, and the pub was promptly renamed. Sounds legit.
Upon hearing this tale, The Fresh Prints noted that you don’t need to strike it rich to afford One Spot’s fabulous pull-up banners. They’re super-durable and brightly-coloured, which makes them perfect for showrooms and exhibitions, and come with their very own doggy bag… uh, make that carry bag!
The behemoth barker is certainly labr-adorable, but The Fresh Prints did mention that he feels sorry for whoever has to clean up his poo!