The Fresh Prints Aussie Tour

Fish You Were Here

Best mates The Fresh Prints and Don Stubbs were in Manilla today. No, not the capital of The Philippines – the lovely country town out near Tamworth. They spotted the fin-tastic Big Fish and were amazed by the scale of it, so jumped at the oppor-tuna-ty for a happy snapper!

The giant groper stands proudly out the front of the Big Fish takeaway shop, which is sadly closed at the moment. The boys didn’t go hungry, though, because Manilla boasts a generous selection of restaurants, pubs and clubs, and they were feeling a little green around the gills after stuffing themselves with delicious food!

Feeling that the Big Fish could do with a makeover, The Fresh Prints offered to print him up a set of quality flyers – you know, so he could become a flying fish. The huge herring was just a little too large to take off, though, so Stubbsy handed him some quality custom-printed stubby coolers instead.

All in all, the day went swimmingly – but where will this man and his monkey turn up next?